Loan Rules


Book loan must be operated at the Self-Check machines or at the Circulation Desk to confirm that the book has been checked out by your account and then you can take the books out of the library.


  • Patron should return the books on time, and you can apply for a return procedure at the Self-Check machines, 24-hours Self-Return Machine or the Circulation Desk. Those who have?the overdue books are required to pay late fees.
  • Overdue late fees: After all books have expired, they will be exempted from overdue late fees within the 7-day grace period. The overdue late payment fee starts from the book expiration date (that is, contains a grace period of 7 days). 0.1 Yuan / book / day, within 10 Yuan does not affect the checking out, patron can go to the Self Payment Machine to pay the fee using you Campus Card.
  • Patron who chooses?to return the books on the Self-Check machines, please check your account in time to confirm the successful return of the book.
  • Books that cannot be self-checked must be manually returned at the Circulation Desk.

Winter and Summer Vacation Returning Regulations

  • For books that are due on winter vacation or the summer vacation, the return date is extended to the second Monday after the student registration date.
  • The starting date of winter vacation and summer vacation is based on the “student vacation” time in the school calendar.

Book Renewal

  • If you need to continue using the book before it expires, you can apply for renewal service. Books that are not recalled by other patron can be renewed. The renewal period will not exceed 100 days from the date of the first loaning day to the final return date. Books which are overdue may not be renewed.
  • Renewal procedures can be operated on the library's homepage, log in to your account, and do renewal operations.
  • Books that have not been recalled by other patron can be re-loaned immediately after they are returned, the loaning date will be recalculated.

Book Reservation

  • Book reservations include open shelf reservations and closed shelf reservations. Patron can log on to your accounts on the library's homepage and do the reservation operation.
  • The open shelf reservation should meets these conditions: all copies of the open shelf books are loaned out. The closed shelf books provide on-the-shelf reservation services.
  • Patron's reservations must add common used mailbox in the library account so we can send you the notification emails. Patron's personal accounts that lack mailbox information cannot successfully reserve books.)
  • After the book reservation is success and you will get the e-mail notification. You can go to the Reservation Shelves near the Circulation Desk to fetch your reservation books and self-check out. The reservation book is retained for 5 days from the date of issuing the notification. The system will cancel the request when it expires.

Library Record Query

  • Enter the library “more discovery” search platform -> sign in->?My Library Card -> Loans. (or "ID login" of homepage)
  • Click on "Loans" to view the loan information.
  • Tips: After you login in your account, it’s suggested that fill in you common used mailbox (recommended to use the school's mailbox), then you can receive expiration reminds, reservation reminds and other information.
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