Library Opening in the Fall Semester of 2020

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According to the University’s arrangements, the library will open on August 27, 2020.

1. Opening Time and Area

???? From August 27th, the external area of the 3rd to 8th floors of the main library, the education branch library, and the ChangPing G Campus Library will be open.

???? From September 1st, all areas of the library will be open.

???? Please refer to "Library Homepage-Opening Hours" for specific time.

???? Holiday arrangements will be notified separately.

2. Notice for Patrons to Enter the Library

???? (1) The reservation system is implemented for patrons to enter the library, and they must choose a seat before entering the library to borrow or read. Patrons must reserve seats in the "seat arrangement system" in advance through the library homepage, WeChat, APP, etc., arrive at the library according to the reserved time, and enter the seats with the number until full.

??? ?(2) When entering the library, patrons must cooperate to complete the temperature test, choose a seat selection machine to make an appointment, and swipe their campus card to enter.

???? (3) For those with abnormal body temperature, please wait in the designated isolation area and wait for the staff to deal with it.

???? (4) When leaving the library, you must release your seat or set a temporary departure.

???? (5) The number of people in the library is limited during the opening of the library. The main library, library(south building), and the education branch library are limited by the seat arrangement system, and patrons can enter the library only when they choose a seat; the Changping branch library and the library of various subjects are open to patrons in the order of priority, please obey the staff management.

???? (6) Patrons who enter the library must wear a mask at all times. Patrons who refuse to wear masks are not allowed to enter.

3. Book Loan Service

??? Patrons can choose to borrow books in the library or borrow them online.

??? (1) Admission and borrowing.

According to this notice, " Notice for patrons to Enter the Library" to enter the library to borrow the required books.

(2) Make an online reservation and borrow books at the library.

The book loan service can also take online reservation, email notifications, and borrow books to meet the borrowing needs:

  • Online application. Patrons search for required books in "Muduo Search", fill in the "Patron Book Reservation Form" and send it to the mailbox
  • Request response. The staff searches for books according to the "Patron Book Reservation Form", and responds to emails to notify patrons to borrow books in the library.
  • Go to the library to borrow books. Patrons should go to the designated place on the first floor of the library to go through the loan procedures with the campus card at the time specified in the mail. If you cannot arrive at the library at the time specified by the email, please negotiate the time of arrival and resubmit the " Patron Book Reservation Form".

??????? ?Borrowing time: Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon 14:00-17:00

??????? ?Consulting Tel: 58806113

  • Return of books. After patrons have finished using the books, they can return them through the 24-hour book return machine.

Reminder: The returning patrons should return the borrowed books before September 28th (inclusive) to avoid overdue fees.

4. Online Services

???? During the opening period, online services will continue as usual, and the contact information is as follows:

Service Items

Service Method

Contact Information

Consultation service

Learn about various consultation methods through the "Information Desk" on the library homepage.;

58806113 (borrowing consultation), 58802934 (electronic resource use consultation);

"Beijing Normal University Library" WeChat public account

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service

Submit the request through the "Common Services→Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery" section of the library homepage.


Novelty Search Service

Submit materials through the "Common Services→Science and Technology Novelty Search" section of the library homepage.


Citation service

Submit materials through the "Common Services → Citation" section of the library homepage.


Various lectures on information literacy education

1. Information literacy lecture series (online). The specific plan will be notified separately.

2. Reserve lectures by department (online, with department as a unit, reserve one week in advance). For details, please refer to the "Service→Information Literacy" section of the library homepage.


5. Anti-epidemic Guarantee

??? (1) During the opening of the library, use central air conditioning in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations. Open windows for ventilation 3 times a day in the morning, noon and night to keep the air circulating and fresh, and each time for ventilation is not less than 30 minutes.

??? (2) Use chlorine-containing disinfectant to spray and wipe disinfection twice a day in public areas of the library.

??? (3) The entry area on the first floor, the duty desk in the reading area, and the washstand in the bathroom provide patrons with hand sanitizer. The duty desk in the reading area is equipped with disposable gloves. Disposable paper towels are provided at the entrance and inside of the elevator for patrons to touch the books and use in public areas.

??? (4) There will be a 1-meter safety distance line sign on the ground of the entrance, self-service photocopier, self-service drinking fountain, toilet and other areas on the first floor. Please keep a safe distance.

??? (5) Each elevator is limited to 4 people. More than 4 people, please consciously take the next elevator.

??? (6) In order to prevent the spread of the virus, all returned books will be disinfected in a book disinfection cabinet, and the return time of books may be delayed appropriately.

??? (7) The library implements garbage classification, and discarded masks and other medical wastes should be put into special garbage bins as special hazardous garbage.

??? (8) The staff wear masks during the whole process and keep a safe distance of 1.5 meters from patrons.

??? (9) If you find or have symptoms such as fever, cough, vomiting, or obvious respiratory diseases, please immediately notify the library's prevention and control leading group at 58806113, 58805287, please cooperate with the relevant registration and obey the staff management. Those with the above symptoms should not take the elevator when leaving the library.


The opening plan of library will be adjusted in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Beijing and the school's measures to prevent and control the new crown epidemic.


BNU Library


August 21, 2020

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