Graduate Dissertations/Theses Submission System Instructions

1.? Click "Dissertation/Thesis Submission"

  • On the login page,?enter?your?name, student number and password. Then click "Submit" button.
  • Fill in the information as required, such as department, degree type, title, abstract, etc.
  • Submit the electronic version of the dissertation/thesis as an attachment. Please combine the cover page, originality statement and copyright statement, abstracts in English and Chinese, key words, table of contents, main body of thesis, references, etc. into a single PDF file (unencrypted) before submission. The electronic version should be the final one and must be consistent with the printed version.


a.? Login page:


b.? The password is entered by the user at the first submission and cannot be changed. If you forget the password, you can click “retrieve password”, and enter the authentication information. The system will send the password to your email address.

c.? Note for IE8 users: click tools --- internet option -- security -- internet -- custom level -- setting other (select “include local directory path when uploading files to server” from “disable” to “enable”).

d.? Submission process should be completed within 20 minutes. Otherwise, the connection to the server will time out and the data you filled in will be lost.

2.? Dissertation/Thesis Inquiry?

After two working days from submission, you can check the review status through the following ways:

  • EmailAfter the review, system will automatically send the review advice to your e-mail address. Please check the e-mail in time.?
  • OnlineClick "Inquiry/Modify" and enter the student number and password to check the status of review. If your dissertation/thesis does not pass the review, you need to modify it according to the advice. You cannot modify your dissertation/thesis after passing the review.

3.? Dissertation/Thesis Modification

  • Click "Edit" button to modify.
  • If you want to modify the whole text, please click the "Delete" button after the electronic version of the dissertation/thesis, delete the file and re-upload the correct one. Please pay attention to guaranty the integrity of the file.?
  • You cannot modify any information after passing the review.

4.? Consultation

Location: Room 109, Section C, 1st Floor, Main Library

Time: Monday-Thursday (8:00-11:30 and?13:30—17:00) ; Friday (8:00-11:30)

Tel: +86-10-58809922



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