Self-Check Machines


In order to facilitate the patron to borrow and return books, the library has bought 9 Self-Check Machines. The machines can complete the functions of campus card identification, bar code scanning of books, and demagnetizing operations of books. The patrons only need to follow the operation steps on the screen display at the device. The whole process of checking out/returning of books can be completed in ten seconds.

  • Self-Check machines operation process

When patrons borrow books, they need to scan the cards on the Self-Check machines, and then place the loaned books together in the scanning area of the machine and confirm the borrowed books through scanning. The system can input the checking out information to complete the loaning procedure. When patrons return books, they only need to scan the books to complete the material returning operation.

  • Self-Check machines location

4 machines are at the southeast area of the 1st?floor of the Main Library; 2 machines are at the south side of the 4th?floor of the Main Library; 2 machines are at the southeast side of the 5th?floor of the Main Library; 1 is at the east side of the 8th floor of the Main Library, and 3 is at the Yingdong Building.

  • Tips

? ?The username and password are the library loan ID.

? ?Tel: +86-10-58805287 ?Librarian Yin

? ?Email:

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