Seat Arrangement

In order to safeguard patrons' rights and interests to use the reading room seats equally, BNU library adopts a Seat Arrangement System to systematically manage seats. Patrons can select on-site seats on the library's seat arrangement machine, or reserve seats through the URL:, or download the Seat Arrangement System app.

Seat Arrangement System User Guide



The following three operations are not allowed.?

  • You leave the seat before the expiring time but do not release the seat;
  • You select "temporary leave" but do not return within the specified time;
  • You reserve the seat but do not sign in within the specified time.

If you breach the rules for three times, you will be blacklisted by the system and cannot select the seat.

Two ways to get removed from blacklist:

  • To get removed from the blacklist automatically after seven days;
  • To be an obligatory inspector for 8 hours. After being confirmed by the librarian, you will be removed from the blacklist.


  • The password of the Seat Arrangement System is the same as the campus card query password. The query passwords are initially set as the last six numbers of Patrons’ IDs or 666666.
  • At present, only 30% of the seats can be reserved through the mobile phone and the PC, and the remaining can only be selected through seat selecting machines in the library.

Tel: +86-10-58805287? Librarian Yin


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