Study Room Reservation

Reservation Method and Website

Online reservation.


Location and Quantity

Main Library


Borrowing and Reading Service Area

32 rooms

1-seat study room

violation operation


Borrowing and Reading Service Area

16 rooms

2-4 seats study room

If less than 2 people swipe cards actually, the main reservation person will be recorded with one violation operation

Library(South Building)


Journal, Newspapers and Reference Books Reading Area

2 rooms

6 seats study room

Target Group

BNU faculty, masters and doctoral students

Opening ?hours

Consistent with the opening time of Loaning and Reading Service Area

Reservation Period

1-4 hours

Renewal Operation

Patrons can renew the reservation of their rooms within 30 minutes before the end of the reservation period (if there are no other Patrons make a reservation). The longest period for a renewal each time lasts for at most 4 hours, and renewals can be applied repeatedly throughout the day.

Violation Operation

Single Room: if the patron still hasn’t swiped campus cards to use the study room after 30 minutes from the reservation starting time, the reservation will be canceled automatically and recorded as a violation operation.

The violation operations of the quad and six-people room are shown above.

Violation Punishment

Patrons can’t reserve study rooms in the next two days (including the day they disobey the rules).

The system will suspend patrons who breaches the rules for three times in a semester for next 30 days in their rights of study room’s reservation.

  • Please keep quiet and environment clean.
  • Please take care of public property and keep indoor facilities and equipment intact.
  • Please take away all personal belongings, put books back into the book trolley and lock the door behind you.
  • Please obey the rules and regulations of the library. BNU librarians have the right to stop anyone who violates the rules and regulations from using research rooms.


In the library, a public retrieval machine at each floor can be used to access the study room reservation system.


Tel: +86-10-58805287 Librarian Yin

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