Media Learning Center

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 8:00-22:00

Friday?? 8:00-11:30; 18:30-22:00


  • Users: University faculty, staff, students, and those with a valid Campus Card to enter the Media Learning Center.
  • You need to use Seat Arrangement System (which located from the 1st floor to the 8th floor) before entering Media Learning Center, and the space is divided into “Computer area“ and ”study area”. All the computers are free for use.
  • Do not save in the desktop, disk C and D disk when download, please save directly to your own mobile device, so as to avoid data loss.
  • Use the computer Instructions

Please swipe your card at the entrance, when the screen shows "success on the computer", at this point the cardholder account is opened.

Please input an account username and password to use the computer as well as follow the instructions after connecting to the system. For University faculty, staff, and students, you should use your account username and password provided by the BNU Center of Information & Network Technology to access the system. Click “Log in” button, the computer will unlock automatically and the cardholder can surf on the internet.

Username: Campus ID is on the lower left of your campus card.

Password: Password is the same as your consumer password. The initial consumption password for international students is 666666.Please access the campus card website query subsystem to change your password. The website is shown below,

  • ?Power Off Instructions

Please Double-click “Off the computer” icon on the screen, and then click “Power Off “button.

Please swipe your card at the entrance again, when the screen shows "success off the computer", then you can leave the Media Learning Center .

Do slash your card on the seat management system before leaving the library.


  • Take good care of computers and all sorts of equipment. Please consult the staff on duty for any problems. Do not disassemble the computer or modify configuration without authorization.
  • All the computers with on-campus licensed software available to eligible users for searching Library catalogue, electronic resources, writing papers, doing researched. Do not play any online games.
  • Do not unplug the Internet cable, mouse, keyboard, earphone and other accessories of the computers on your own laptops or other devices. All kinds of irregularities are prohibited, such as embezzling, tampering with the IP address of the multimedia learning center computer, or installing other operating system,etc.
  • Use CD, USB drive properly and carefully so as to avoid damaging related parts. Please check and take away your own USB drive and other belongings with you on leaving.
  • Special remind: Electronic resources are purchased or on trial through agreements (licenses) with suppliers by BNU Library. Any use of electronic resources should be for research for a non-commercial purpose or private study. Patrons should follow the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China , as well as BNU Library Notification of appropriate use of E-resources.

Patrons are forbidden to use any automatic download software to download resources from the databases purchased or built by library.?Any effort at making commercial profits is strictly prohibited.It is strictly forbidden for legal users to download the full text to the local hard disk and send it to non-BNU users.
Patrons are forbidden to share their Account (user name and password) with others.?
No unit or individual may set up a network database or proxy server without authorization of the agent.

Anyone who disobeys the Copyright law of People’s Republic of China and BNU Library Notification shall bear the responsibility.The final explanation right of this Notification is reserved by BNU Library.


  • Creating a disturbance by talking on a cell phone or yelling will not be tolerated within the space. Please tune your cellphone to silence or vibrate mode.
  • No drink (including water) or food is allowed in the Multimedia Learning Area. Please maintain a clean environment.
  • Please deposit your bag to a lockers at the ground floor before entering the room, keep your purses, cellphone and any valuables with you.
  • Please comply with other regulations of the Media Learning Center in all respects, being obedient.
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