Off-Campus Access

Using one of the methods below, BNU students, staff, and faculty can access most of our electronic resources off-campus.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

SSL VPN, the abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private NetworkWhich is provided by The Center of Information & Network Technology. When you’re off-campus, start your search via VPN which adds secure access to BNU campus network resources including e-resources of the library, information Portal,etc. Please access the VPN Website,? can choose either browser access or client access via VPN access to campus resources.

Brower Access (recommended)

You can directly access the VPN Website with your Brower. Internet Explorer is recommended. Google, Firefox, and Safari use similar methods. The following page appears

Input your user name and password, which is the same as the information Portal. Click “Login” button to start accessing SSL VPN.

Please Click “the yellow tooltip”, and then install browser controls(Only the first login is required).

After installation, You can directly click on the url in the "Web bookmarks" list (for example, the library). You can click the "+" to add the frequently visited url to the bookmark, or you can enter the url you need in the browser box, and click "browse". Click "logout" in the upper right corner to exit.

Client Access

You can also consider installing software to connect to BNU campus network, the Network Authentication Client software need to be downloaded. Select the appropriate client for the operating system you are using. Right-click the installer and select "run as administrator" installation. Once installed, find ”Pulse Secure” in the lower right corner of the taskbar or in the application and click run.

Click the + sign to add the connection. The name is bnu, and the server URL is

Click “add”, and then click “connect”.


Input your user name and password, which is the same as your information Portaland then click "connect".

While surfing the Internet, please DO NOT CLOSE the successfully logged in window. You can disconnect it after finishing your online surfing.

?1. User Account and Notification:

Patron Type

User name



Faculty and Staff

The Faculty ID

the same as the information portal

Please change your password in the information portal. If the user's password is not valid, please bring your campus ID card to the information network integrated service hall on the 16th floor to change the password.

Full-time students(undergraduate, graduate)

the student ID

the initial password is eight-digit number of the birthday of each student


Other users please submit the list application to the Center of Information & Network Technology through their affiliated unit.

2. ?Tips:

1) Please use the library database properly through VPN system.

When accessing library e-resources via VPN, it is strictly prohibited to download continuously, systematically, centrally and in batches. If the overloading behavior in a short period causes the IP address of the library database resource to be blocked, The system will freeze the user's SSL VPN and notify the user’s department or school.

2) Contact Information

Please contact the Center of Information & Network Technology if you have any questions when using SSL VPN.

Office Address: First floor, Student Dorm.Bldg16

Consultation Telephone: 58808113/3007

Working Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 -12:30 14:00 - 16:00

Saturday to Sunday: 9:30 -12:30 14:00 - 17:00

Direct Database Login:Shibboleth

Shibboleth allows direct login to a limited number of library databases from off-campus without downloading the client. It is an alternative to the Campus VPN services. Several databases, journals and e-books are available via Shibboleth, such as ScienceDirect, Methods in Enzymology, EI Engineering Village, Scopus(Elsevier), Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC) , EBSCO,etc.

Shibboleth Login

  • Find Sign in Entrance, and choose Sign in via your institution
  • Select region: China CERNET Federation
  • Choose institution: Beijing Normal University
  • Select Login
  • Use your campus ID and password to sign on, which is the same as the information portal.

The database based on Shibboleth's off-campus access is as follows.

1. ScienceDirect

2. Methods in Enzymologythe same as ScienceDirect.

3. EI Engineering Village

4. Scopus(Elsevier)

5. Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC)



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