Greetings to All Users of?Beijing Normal University Library

On behalf of the Beijing Normal University Library, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to BNU students, faculty members and staffs. We in the Library are here to provide you with diverse resources and services to support your academic and personal goals.

We are committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for all members. It now has a total floor area of 36 thousand square meters, and is composed of a main library, two branch libraries and six subject reading rooms. BNU Library offers many collaborative, and well-equipped environments for your research, teaching, and learning needs.

The BNU Library collections contain millions of scholarly resources covering the University’s disciplines and research areas.?The total print collection amounts to more than 4.987 million items by the end?of 2017. Besides, e- resources include:

  • 327 databases;
  • More than 100 thousand full-text e-journals;
  • More than 8.38 million e-books;
  • More?than 6.98 million dissertations and theses.

Our Special Collections holds?thread-bound ancient books, rare books and book editions of Song and Yuan Dynasties.

Our wide range of services include loan service, Information literacy instruction, citation search service and interlibrary loan services, to name only a few.

As you become familiar with the BNU Library, please let us know if you have ideas about how we might better support you and your research, learning, and teaching needs, by writing to us at Best wishes for a successful and fulfilling year at the Beijing Normal University!

Sincerely yours,


Qiong Wang

Dean of BNU Library


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