???? We have put together a few answers to frequently asked questions about BNU Library. If your query is not answered below, please click “Ask a Librarian” to submit your question or request an appointment with a librarian.


What’s my loan password in BNU library?

The original password is your eight digit birth date. To ensure your private information security, please login the More Discovery platform and change your loan password by clicking "Update Login Credentials".

How to check my loan records in More Discovery?

Click "login" at the top right of the library homepage. Please choose "Information Portal login", and the user name is your campus ID,and original password is your eight digit birth date. Then click your name on the top right corner of the interface, you can check your loan record in "my loans".

How can I get a seat in BNU library?

You can select on-site seats on the library's Seat Arrangement Machine, or reserve seats through the URL:, or download the Seat Arrangement System app.The user name is your campus ID number,and the original password is 666666. You need to activate your account at the Seat Arrangement Machine when you use for the first time.
For details,please visit the following website

What is call number?

Call number is used to distinguish different book, normally it is paste on the spine. The call number is composed of English letter from A to Z and Roman number based on the Chinese library classification. Different letters stand for different subjects.

Why cannot I borrow books?

You cannot borrow books in the following situation: did not return overdue books; the books you are going to borrow has been reserved; your fine exceeds 10 Yuan; exceed the maximum you can borrow.

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